I'm Cat Evans.

Nice to meet you. I tell strange, fantastical stories in D&D and other RPGs.


Coming Up

Five minutes into the future

Notebook and Pen

Eat the Rich

November 2019

With Alicia Furness

An anthology of anti-capitalist adventures for D&D 5e, featuring work by new and experienced writers and artists. 


Previous Releases

Independent creations, collaborations, and more.

Oath of the Ally

A special release for Pride, with all author royalties in June 2019 donated to Lambert House. Co-written with Liz Gist

Encounters on the Savage Seas II


The Dragon-Touched

Sole designer.


Sole creator.

Villains & Lairs II


Uncaged Anthology Vol. 1


Extraordinary Inns & Taverns

Lead designer and writer.

The White Lady

Sole creator.

Warlock Patron: The Hag

Sole creator.


Works in Progress

2019 is going to be a brilliantly busy year. The fabulous community of Uncaged authors are working on a number of projects to bring NPCs, adventures, and encounters to the internet; you'll be able to find my freelance work in J. Stevens' Villains & Lairs, Metal Weave Games' Awakened, and other places... 

And just to keep myself busy, I'll be writing regular indie adventures for DMs' Guild too. 


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